Screech Dragon Studios

Screech Dragon Studios is the brain child of John Hex Carter and Mat Nicholson, two avid gamers and big ol’ nerds. The duo was brought together over a shared interest in breaking into the tabletop gaming scene in 2014 and have been working together ever since. SDS is a tabletop game and accessory development company that specializes in succinct, entertaining games that ruin friendships. It has been rumored that whenever someone flips a table over a bad ROBiTs loss a Screech Dragon gets its wings.

When not actively trying to ruin your relationships, these two super best friends like to sit on a throne made of meeples and the skulls of lesser game developers while cackling and rubbing their hands manically.

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John "Hex" Carter

Hex is a completely normal human web developer who lives in Florida with his normal human family who are 100% not androids at all, not even a little. When not ingesting organic matter to fuel his human torso and appendages Hex enjoys creating games, writing, and infiltrating the human race to discover any weaknesses in their nuclear mainframe. A cofounder of Screech Dragon Studios, Hex is strongly rooted in the game development and testing aspect of the company’s day to day. He is also responsible for this website not burning down!

One time Hex saw a horse.

Mat Nicholson

Foolish enough to tell Hex his true name of names, Mat is now bound to the Screech Dragon brand until someone releases him with a true death at the blade of the Rak Shauran dagger. When not being enslaved against his will in the SDS ART PIT ™ Mat likes to draw, read comics and spend court mandated time with his loving family.

Mat dreams that one day the all consuming darkness that haunts every fiber of his being will be released upon the world and he will finally be able to get a good night’s sleep for once.